Sk8r Keychain

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     The “Sk8r Keychain” is the collaboration we have all been waiting for!! Vintage tech decks have been refurbished and peachy-fied! Use these nostalgic toys as keychains, entertainment, art pieces, anything! There are six in total, each one personalized with original Peachy stickers. 

     This listing is for one (1) “Sk8r Keychain.” These keychains are made from unopened (and then opened by me) vintage tech decks! Original peachy stickers adorn the faces of the boards and a small hole has been made to accommodate a gold chain and loop. These were hand made by me so each is one of a kind. *Note that if you’re playing with these and you’re shredding the board will experience some wear and tear. 

Arrives safely inside eco friendly packaging! :)

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