About Peachy

Hello, my name is Alejandra. I've spent my entire life practicing art, in many forms. I graduated from Chapman University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and an Art Minor. Currently I reside in Kaua'i and have a day job at a local boutique where I mend clothing and utilize my sewing skills. I have completed many professional and personal projects, and I am always learning new things to better understand and perfect my craft.

The fashionable and bizarre character of Peachy emerged from my heart during a time when I couldn't find words to express myself. I found comfort in creating a character that I could relate to, and in illustrating the island landscape and animals that surround me. My art is humorous and deeply personal—comforting and a little askew.

For the fashion savvy, Peachy is the nature loving trendsetter who keeps it real. Living in the 808 I know that the external does not always the internal make. I hope you connect with my art and find something useful to you ♥︎ Check out @peachy_kauai on Instagram!!