Feelin’ It - Sticker Sheet, Holographic, Moody Girl, Peaches,Cats

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     The “Feelin’ It” sticker sheet is the collection you reach for when you’re just FEELING IT ALL. Words aren’t always needed and it’s ok to retreat for a while to take care of your heart. Squeeze some fresh juice or snuggle with your kitties… this too will pass <3

     This listing is for one (1) “Feelin’ It” sticker sheet. The stickers are kiss cut on holographic vinyl material—they are scratch resistant and water proof. The sheet contains four stickers in total and measures at approx. 4 x 6 inches. Each sheet is handmade on Kaua’i by me, so each is one of a kind. 
     Arrives to you safely inside eco friendly packaging! :)

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